G-Dragon & TOP – High High


About Vehi

Hey guys, this will be a blog about Kpop fashion on women. I will show you fierce outfits that inspire me when I go on a shoppingspree!
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5 Responses to G-Dragon & TOP – High High

  1. Nigar says:

    i love gd sooooooooo much top is also coool
    their song high high stole my heart when i heard it

  2. dreya says:

    OMG TOP is sooo freekin hot… marry me TOP!!!!! *siigh*

  3. kawaiikiki says:

    ❤ TOP ❤ GD!!!!!
    really adorable pictures of them!

  4. I’m so sorry but i love you ❤ top l love you vey ❤

  5. jo!e's destinyy says:

    GD!! lovehimtothemax yoh.

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