Drama Corner

Anego 01Hey Everyone!!

This whole month will be focused on the Korean Drama “Anego”!!! As promised, a Japanese drama this time.
This might be an ‘old’ drama (2005), but still a nice one to watch. For more information; see the plot.
Please give me some suggestions for the next Drama Corner! ^^

Please support the drama by buying the DVD-box and cd (when available XD) instead of downloading it!

Kanji: アネゴ (Anego)
Also known as: “A Tale of Futility”
Genre: Romantic comedy
Country of Origin: Japan
Broadcast Network: NTV
Broadcast Period: April 20, 2005 – June 22, 2005
Air Time: Wednesdays 22:00
Number of Episodes: 10 + 1 special

Anego 02

This drama tells the story of Noda Naoka, who’s caled Anego (older sister) by her coworkers. Naoko is a single careerwoman and she often finds herself training her collegues. Her biological clock is ticking and she”s hit the pay-ceiling after working for the same company for ten years. When she meets her former collegue Eriko, she cannot help but envie her because of her seemingly perfect live. But what’s going to happen when the fresh employee Kurosawa Akihiko appears in her live?

Anego 03

Shinohara Ryoko – Noda Naoko
Akanishi Jin – Kurosawa Akihiko

Tomosaka Rie – Sawaki Eriko
Toda Naho – Kato Hiromi
Ichikawa Miwako – Hasegawa Manami
Yamaguchi Sayaka – Saotome Kana
Yamaguchi Makiya – Tachibana Wataru
Konishi Miho – Nakano Saki
Tanaka Minoru – Miyamoto Koichi
Jinbo Satoshi – Saito Kyoichi
Itaya Yuka – Mizusawa Kayo
Bengal – Noda Shigeta
Masu Takeshi – Sakaguchi Tsukasa
Yuki Saori – Noda Atsuko
Kato Masaya – Sawaki Shoich

Anego 04

Opening theme: We Will Rock You by Queen
Ending theme: KISS or KISS by Kitade Nana






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7 Responses to Drama Corner

  1. elnaz says:

    just watch this dramaaa is so sweeeeeeetttttt

  2. linn says:

    i’m watching this drama with a friend because i saw it on your blog! it’s sooo funny! i really like your blog. & i think the drama corner is a great idea! (:

  3. linn says:

    aren’t going you to continue the DramaCorner? ö

  4. linn says:

    *uchum. I meant arent you going to continue xDxD

  5. linn says:

    hahah i’m SOOOOO going to watch this drama! it looks and sounds very nice (:

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